Beechmont Ford Protects Their Brand With POD Score of 100

POD SCore 100Beechmont Ford has been recognized for achieving a POD Score of 100.

This is the highest score that a car dealer can achieve on the POD Score scale (0-100) which measures the visibility and competitive protection a car dealer has in place for searches on their brand name.

Since car dealers use radio, TV, and newspaper to advertise and promote their brand, it should come as no surprise that the number one search phrase used in Google to connect consumers with a car dealers website is the dealer’s name.

With that fact established, car dealers that allow competitors and lead collectors on Google Page One for a search on their brand name, invite competitors to divert their customers to other websites. We commend Beechmont Ford for implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that fully protects their brand.

Their POD Score of 100 percent has been achieved through a carefully designed microsite strategy. You can see their brand protection that has been created by their digital marketing strategies:

Beechmont Ford POD score 100