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What's your POD SCORE

Page One Defense – POD Score™

What does your Google search results page look like when you enter your dealership’s name? Figure out your dealership’s POD Score today to see how strongly your dealership is showing up on page one!

Your POD Score reflects your Page One Defense – how strongly you are defending your name on page one of Google search results.

Based on feedback on numerous automotive forums regarding how a POD Score™ is calculated,  we have created a revised formula for creating a POD Score™ that is designed to give dealers a quick measure of how well their name is being defended/protected online when consumers perform a “direct search” on their name in Google.

The elements in the revised POD Score™ are:

  • Google Adwords Campaigns
  • Google+ Local
  • Organic Listings

The revised formula also changes the weighted value of listings in the first five positions of Google organic results as compared to the last 5 listings on Page One.  To read the full article on how POD Scores are calculated click here:  POD Score Defined


If your dealership has a POD Score of 75-100, we will add your dealership to this website and create an optimized link to your website.

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What’s Your POD Score?